Smiling Spaces is this little baby plant right now, having just sprouted into this world and needing warmth, water, sunlight and nourishment to grow, strengthen and create an abundance of fruits and nourishment for others. If you have a desire to assist us in our growth - we are very grateful, and we can suggest various ways of doing so. You  could:

 ~ simply pass our newsletter emails along to someone you think may find what we offer of interest. We are building a network of people who care about creating and supporting a balanced well-being within and without, and you could assist us in wideing this network.

 ~ participate in our events - so that we can learn and grow together, creating more shared experiences of joy and connection, supporting each other in living intentionally.

 ~ consult us on topics of: IT and web security, bio-chemistry, nutrition, community creation, accounting and legal things, and more - email us if you are interested to contribute even a small amount of your time in this way.

 ~ engage and help us grow as an organization - as a Board member for our future non-profit; or a visionary buddy - being a sounding board and a mirror for our vision meetings; or as an assistant in organizing of notes, ideas, reserach, projects; or maybe some other way we can't think of right now. Let us know!

 ~ support us financially: either by purchasing something or making a donation. You can learn more about donating here, which, just to name it, at this time is not tax-deductible because we don't have resources to organize ourselves as a non-profit yet (although that is part of the plan).

 ~ any other ideas you have - to support or, better yet, collaborate? Bring them - let's talk :) We'd love to engage in a productive conversation and find ways of mutual support.