w Smiling Spaces: Middle-Burner Projects

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Visionary & Self-Empowerment Discussions

Discussion-and-Practice groups on topics like Self-Empowerment, Manifesting, Living outside of Fear, Healing Fully in this Lifetime (emotional-spiritual kind of healing), Self-Loving, Living Ever More Consciously, Choosing Joy, Thriving in this Life, etc. Because some of these topics may feel controversial, as feels necessary - I would be more actively facilitating these in order to encourage and support curiosity-based respectful discussions. Would you be interested in participating? We'd love to know the level of interest, when & how often people would be willing to engage in such, and the type of structure/facilitation/expectations from them. Let us know that you are interested, and we'll keep you posted when these begin shaping up.

* * *

Compassionately Connecting Opposites - Interviewing Opportunities

This project attempts to find a way, and perhaps create a template, for connecting people who seem to have opposing views, for example, an extreme democrat and an extreme republican. We believe, they have a lot in common and can respectfully and joyfully co-exist, despite their differing views on a specific subject. For this purpose, we are seeking people to interview. If you are willing to share what political views you have and respond respectful questions that may arise during the interview, as I just record your story without judgments, please reach out .- or recommend this to someone you know. Initial deliverable will be an article on communication, with excerpts from these interviews. We are writing about how political differences could be overcome, and we need real people to talk to about their real perspectives. We can conduct interview over phone, zoom or email.

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Social Initiatives (Community Creation Process, ILCs, etc)

Social Initiatives is a very new umbrella-type name for a number of smaller projects. You can reach out if you want to hear more now, or await updates in the future newletters as it gains more clarity and form.

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Dental Nutrition

As part of our mission to foster a balanced well-being and our insight into dentistry being key and mirror of our physical well-being, we are continuing to do research in bio-chemistry of nutrition and supplements in oral and intra-body environments. Topics focus on physical consequences and bio-chemical interactions of human body and orally-taken minimally-processed ingredients, for example: turmeric, bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, Himalayan salt, activated charcoal, baking soda, diatomaceous earth, licorice root powder. If you have knowledge or are willing to assist with researching such things, please reach out. Also, if you have any contacts in any laboratories, that could maybe assist us in doing saliva analysis as part of a research project – please put us in touch, we would be very grateful!

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Other Projects

There are some other ideas in the pipeline, that are still in the gestation phase or have hardly sprouted. They rely on skills like video and audio editing, animation, literature editing. You will hear about these in the future newsletters as well, but if you are eager to learn what all that is about and engage in co-creation - shoot us an email!