Balancing Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Well-Being

SELF session

The intention of these one-on-one sessions is to collaborate in discovering and integrating what you need to feel more balanced in life. This will look different for everyone: as each of us is unique in ourselves and has a unique life situation, we work together to create the specific recipe that works for you - it may be a blend of therapy-like reflecting, coaching-like manifesting, healing-like health-habit advising, friend-like listening, goofball-like laughing, winner-like celebrating, family-like encouraging, hobby-like engagement, warrior-like resilience, child-like exploration, and anything else in between.
We co-create what you need to thrive, and we walk in that direction together.

We agree on meeting time, duration, frequency and other details during our first meeting - once your goal is envisioned. Most frequently, we end up spending 4-6 hours working together. The rule of thumb is: you need at least the same amount of solo time to implement the changes you wish for yourself.

To book a one-on-one appointment, email us at, or click here, or sign-up here directly.
Initial consultation is complimentary, afterwards we accept sliding scale fees up to 60 dollars per hour.

At this time, all sessions are held either over Zoom video-conferencing, or on nature walks - if geography permits: we are based in Northern Vermont.